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PharmaGel Eye Prote Creme .5 oz
PharmaGel Eye Prote Creme .5 oz
PharmaGel Eye Prote Creme .5 oz
Item#: 035156002004

Product Description

Product Classification:

EYE PROTə, a holistic recipe of pharmaceutical and medically tested ingredients, reverses the ravages of time on eye area wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles and lost tone and elasticity.

The delicate skin surrounding the eye is fragile and thin and the need for a protective shield of recovery is as powerful as the actives in EYE PROTə. The fragile collagen fibers surrounding the eye are vulnerable to wrinkles, poor circulation and fatigue. This sensitive and vulnerable area needs a daily pampering of hydration, stimulation and rejuvenation to stave off premature aging. EYE PROTə contains PERFLUORODECALIN, a highly activated oxygen booster, medically tested and used during eye surgeries for rapid tissue repair. This remarkable ingredient breathes life into cells surrounding the delicate eye contours. The powerful antioxidants and herbal actives in EYE PROTə re-firm, re-surface, lift and tone the surrounding eye area tissue. EYE PROTə contains pharmaceutical grade ingredients which are of a molecular weight that allows for rapid penetration into the dermis. Remarkable and lasting results are yours with a daily regimen of EYE PROTə. This fragrance free, non comedogenic (will not clog pores) eye crme elixir will re-firm and re-surface your eyes to ageless beauty.

Method of Use:

Apply to delicate eye contours AM & PM until thoroughly absorbed.

Active Ingredients:

Perfluorodecalin (a highly activated oxygen booster), Squalane (vegetable source) highly penetrating humectant - light and non-greasy, Tocopherol (Vitamin E) antioxidant that offers anti-aging benefits.