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Keracolor Purify Plus Lite 7 oz
Keracolor Purify Plus Lite 7 oz
Keracolor Purify Plus Lite 7 oz
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Product Description
A miraculous leave-in conditioning treatment for fine to medium hair that neutralizes chlorine and trace minerals found in tap water to preserve color retention and vibrancy while giving hair weightless volume. Chlorine and trace minerals steal hair’s hydration, vibrancy, shine and softness. This amazing leave-in treatment is infused with our Krystal Water Complex, which neutralizes everyday tap water leaving your hair gorgeous and healthy from the inside out. Keratin within the conditioner rebuilds and strengthens strands miraculously putting the brakes on breakage and dulling damage. Keracolor Purify Plus Lite Leave-In Conditioning Treatment re-energizes, softens and brings back shine, preserving precious hair color and vibrancy. A delicate PH balance means cuticles are closed, leaving hair super smooth to the touch. It’s everything desperate, damaged hair yearns for – neutralizer, protectant, treatment and sealer – in just a few drops. Simply spritz into hair and comb the impurities away. At once, hair is revitalized, oh-so-lovely and luscious. We’re bringing shiny back!