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FOOTLOGIX Massage Formula Lotion 16.9 oz
FOOTLOGIX Massage Formula Lotion 16.9 oz
FOOTLOGIX Massage Formula Lotion 16.9 oz
Item#: 694419421312

Product Description
Massage Formula Lotion - with Dermal Infusion Technology, is a gentle, non-occlusive formula ideal for concluding pedicure services. It is for the protection and care of skin prone to dryness.

Softens the skin in order to achieve the optiumum of pedicures Contains Urea to help soften dry and rough skin, and hydrate calluses Also contains Sunflower Seed Oil for slip during the massage, without leaving a residue Footlogix non-occlusive Massage Formula with not impede the skin's ability to function With regular use, this formula will add noticeable moisture to the skin, enabling it to function normally Alcohol and synthetic oil free, with a light and pleasant fragrance: skin feels silky soft with no greasy residue Safe for Diabetics, people with sensitive skin Hygienic, pre-measured pump dispenser is convenient to use and helps prevent product contamination

Recommended for: Normal, dry and ver dry skin Use as a regular finishing step to conclude all pedicures May be used after all other Footlogix treatments