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CHI Infra High Lift Cream Permanent Color CBR Chocolate Brown
CHI Infra High Lift Cream Permanent Color CBR Chocolate Brown
CHI Infra High Lift Cream Permanent Color CBR Chocolate Brown
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Product Description
KEY POINTS Ammonia Free. Oil base high lift cream color. Lifts and deposits in one step. Ionic & Far Infra Red Technology lightens hair from the inside out. LIFTS AND PROVIDES MAXIMUM COLOR DEPOSIT Farouk Systems research and development team have harnessed the lightening power of CHI ceramics and the finest and most revolutionary complex of new dyes to ensure maximum lift (up to 8 levels) and most intense and predictable color deposit in a single step. Taking dark hair to vibrant Blondes, Reds, and Browns has never been easier. CHI Infra High Lift is capable to lift previous colored hair. AMMONIA FREE Respects the integrity of the hair providing longer lasting vibrancy and unparallel shine. Pleasant fragrance for you and the client creating a safe environment for your salon. 4 EASY STEPS FOR HIGH LIFT COLOR Determine natural/tinted level. Determine desired lift. Choose desired tone. Choose Color Generator for desired level of lift. ALWAYS STRAND TEST PRIOR TO APPLICATION

MIXING Mix (1:1) 1 part of CHI Infra High Lift Cream Color and 1 part of chosen CHI Color Generator to smooth consistency. APPLICATION No pre-shampooing is needed. Apply generous amount of product on dry hair. Always wear gloves. When doing retouches, apply only to the new growth area Avoid overlapping. Full head applications must be 1/8th of an inch off the scalp. Do not apply product directly to the scalp

RINSING Always allow full cooling time prior to rinsing. Rinse with luke warm water and shampoo with CHI Infra Shampoo. Towel dry hair. Apply CHI Color Lock Treatment for 5 minutes and rinse. Apply a few drops of CHI Silk Infusion